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Plan Outdoor Events

There are a variety of elements that go into planning outdoor events. This step-by-step guide will provide you with the basic tools you will need to make your event an success.

Selecting Your Event Date

While selecting your event date, be sure to consult the campus events calendar to eliminate any scheduling conflicts. 

Reserve Your Venue

In order to reserve a campus venue, your organization’s room requestors can submit a Standard Event Request, through the Events Office. Below is a list of suggested venues and audience attendance for speakers on campus. NOTE: When reserving an outdoor venue, be sure to schedule an indoor rain location as well.


Frequently Used Outdoor Venues

University Forum

Greek Theatre

Westhampton Green

Around the Lake

International Commons Atrium

Patios (Westhampton & Richmond)

Milhouser Green

Athletic Fields (Presidents Field, etc)*

Cottage Courtyard*


When booking a performer/speaker, regardless if they will receive payment, a contract or agreement must be created. This can be completed by setting up a meeting with CSI staff at least 20 business days prior to your event date. Contracts over $5000 will require additional time. NOTE: A student, advisor or unauthorized university employee cannot sign a contract or agreement on behalf of your organization.

Funding Options

There are a variety of funding sources available to assist in bringing a performer/speaker event to campus.

Cultural Affairs

For speakers taking place in Modlin Center for the Arts, the Provost Office, offers the Cultural Affairs Committee. This fund seeks to support events that have the potential to generate broad based interest within the University Community. For more information about the guidelines or application, visit the Provost’s website.

Government Contingency Fund

Student government funded organizations can request additional funds for new programs or initiatives throughout the school year. This request can be made through the WCGA & RCSGA application form (link to page when the application is created)

Inclusive Community Fund

Through the Office of Common Ground, Inclusive Community Fund provides financial support to bring events such as speakers to campus. To gain more information about fund and application form, visit the Common Ground website.

Gottawald Speakers Fund

(Vittoria & Alison have content – once the page is created, link to page)

Food for Events

Your food needs, should be included on your standard event form submitted with the Events Office. Be sure to review the Approved Vendors list for current approved campus vendors.

Outside vendor
If you plan to use an outside vendor, be sure to complete a Food Waiver at least 48 hours prior to your event and contact Angela Moseley Scott

Angela Moseley Scott

If you wish to have alcohol during your event, you must submit an Alcohol Event Request form.

*All beverages must be Coca Cola products* 

Audio-Visual Rental

Contact the Events Office at 804-289-8585 to set up a/v tech requests. You’re a/v needs, should be included on your standard event form submitted with the Events Office.

The Center for Student Involvement provides a/v support and technicians on request for events taking place in Tyler Haynes Commons. To reserve, use the CSI AV Rental form. 

Amplified Sound

Based on your event, there may be restricted times to have sound. Please check with the Events Office for more details.

URPD (Security)

Depending on your event elements, URPD may be required. This can be coordinated through the Events Office reservation. 

Tracking Attendance/Card Readers

To track event attendees, the Center for Student Involvement has card readers you can check out for your event. To reserve, complete the card reader request form. NOTE: Be sure to check with the Events Office that the Wi-Fi at your event venue is available.


Marketing and promotion has a great impact on your event, be sure to read the guidelines below:

Tyler Haynes Commons Posting Flyers & Posters


SpiderBytes is a daily e-mail sent out to university students, faculty and staff, in order to, exchange information regarding University campus-wide events. This is a cost effective platform to promote your event to campus. Interested in submitting a spiderbyte, be sure to review the guidelines for submission.

DFlyers (Digital Flyers)

To submit a DFlyer for the Tyler Haynes Commons, email

For format requirements, be review the dflyer guidelines


To reserve a table for tabling on campus

Tyler Haynes Commons, Westhampton & Richmond College Patio

If your organization is interested in tabling be sure to complete the Center for Student Involvement tabling request form.

Dining Hall (D-Hall)

If your organization is interested in tabling in the dining hall, be sure to contact Jerry Clemmer

Hanging Lounge


Evaluate Your Event

It is important to assess each event your organization puts on. The post event evaluation is a helpful tool in helping you create feedback for your event and also help you plan for future events.