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Event/Risk Management

Event Risk Management and Crisis Plan

The University of Richmond seeks to ensure the safety and wellbeing of individuals attending fraternity events. The following plan will be in effect at all registered lodge events. The chapter will be reminded of its enforcement at the chapter meeting before each lodge event.

There will be, at every lodge event, one member of the executive committee or the risk management chair on duty and responsible as the point person for event management. This person shall be in charge of coordinating all Risk Management / Crisis Plan issues during the Event, and his/her directions to the chapter shall have the force and authority of the president.

  • Additionally, there shall be an additional five members of the fraternity on risk management duty otherwise known as the “event management team”.
  • A list of the event management team members, including contact information, shall be submitted via e-mail to the URPD, greek advisor (and/or designee) and the appropriate chapter advisor(s).
  • Each member of the event management team shall have a information card containing contact information for the URPD, greek advisor (and/or designee), chapter advisor and any other appropriate advisors. This information shall also include additional contact and or general information, including emergency phone numbers and directions to the hospital.
  • The event management team will report to the lodge thirty minutes before any event.

The names of the brothers on the risk team will be submitted via Orgsync prior to the event.

The Risk Management Chair is required to take the URPD officer through the lodge for inspection.

Each member of the risk team will be sober at all times and for the entirety of the event.

Each member will stay at the lodge until every person has left and the URPD officer on duty has completed his/ her post inspection.

If any member of the risk team fails to fulfill said duties completely both the individual and said chapter will be held accountable.

In addition to the risk team, there will be three designated and sober drivers (“driving team”) who will drive continuously from thirty minutes before an event convenes to thirty minutes after the event has concluded. If any driver fails to fulfill said duties completely, both the individual and said chapter will be held accountable.

Responsibilities of the Risk Management Team:

  • Check identification (SpiderCard/legal ID) at the door
  • Cleary mark any guest under the age of 21 with an X on his/her hand
  • Enforcing the alcohol policy at entrance: 12 cans­ of beer permitted per 21 year old (see Event Protocol Handbook)
  • Controlling violent/dangerous behavior and, if necessary, contacting URPD for assistance if persons not responsive to directions of risk management team

If an incident occurs, it is the job of the risk team to:

  • Contact the URPD officer on duty
  • Notify the greek advisor
  • Notify the AAC
  • Notify province commander / deputy province commander
  • Notify national administrative office
  • If necessary, vacate the lodge immediately
  • Conduct a review of the event at chapter meeting, immediately following the event or an schedule an emergency meeting, if necessary

Fire Safety Policy

  • Fog makers and other smoke machines are not permitted in the lodges.
  • If the fire alarm goes off in the fraternity lodge, contact the police officer to conduct a property inspection and assessment. He/she will make the decision as to whether or not the lodge will be shut down.
  • If the officer on duty decides, for any reason, that the lodge must be closed, assist every person out of the lodge immediately.

 Lodge Policy

  • Lodge is only open to the event management team, URPD and any University representatives until the event officially starts.
  • Serving of alcohol stops thrity minutes before event ends
  • Absolutely no drugs, illegal activity or other activities that violate the univesity rules or chapter risk management policies shall be permitted in the lodge at any time.

*All fraternity members will receive a copy of the document along with the "fraternity row police protocol."

IFC Fraternity Row Check-In Procedures

All individuals, including members, must go through a check-in table once the event begins. There will be no cutting through the yard or surrounding areas to bypass the check-in table. Fraternities should provide some type of an “express lane” for members so that they can be checked-in and admitted quickly.

The fraternity will have a predetermined guest list. Additional on-site individuals may also be permitted at the discretion of the fraternities (not exceeding 20). All individuals will be required to display a UR ID, and those 21 and older may also be required to have their driver's licenses checked for age verification.

Individuals will be checked for age (20 and under or 21+). The right hand of individuals 21 and older will be marked.

A separate sign-in list (printed legibly) will be used for those 21+ who have beer to be checked-in. The beer check-in list will include a printed name, time of check in and the amount.

Beverage Consumption Area

Alcoholic beverages for those 21 and older may be consumed in the lodge, the enclosed back patio/deck and the front deck. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the front lawn, off the deck or on the sidewalks leading to and departing from the lodges. All attendees should enter and exit through the front door of the lodge. 

Beverage Distribution

All beer must be checked in prior to the opening of or during the scheduled event. Beer will be marked to show ownership. The owner can identify and request removal of their beverages from storage for their personal usage. No alcoholic beverages will be sitting on the bar or other areas for open-access; all beer distribution will be supervised (i.e. bartender). Non alcoholic beverages and food will be available in the same general location as the beer check-in and check-out area.

Designated Driver Requirements

All designated drivers should not have consumed alcohol prior to driving the vehicle that evening. All passengers being transported to and from Fraternity Row should have on safety belts. The vehicle should not be over the designed capacity (i.e. cars can have five people and SUVs typically can have seven).

Only those 21 years old and older are permitted to bring beer to the lodges. All beer checked will be up to the allotted amount an individual is allowed to personally bring themselves when they come to the lodge. This is to be checked by the fraternity members at the door against the 21 and older guest list. No group efforts allowed. (i.e. prepacked beer is in bags that has been purchased by the fraternity which is being handed out to be brought into the lodge by guests who are 21 years of age. 

Beverages Prior to Event Opening

Prior to the opening of the event, an IFC officer(s) will visually verify that there are no kegs or other alcoholic beverages in and around the entire house. The event will remain closed until this procedure is completed.

During the event, all beer brought to the lodge is to stay in the lodge. All beer distribution will be stopped 30 minutes before the end time of the scheduled event. The lodges will close off and lock their bar areas at this time. Lights will be turned on and the music shut off 10 minutes prior to the end time of the scheduled event.

As part of cleanup/closing procedures, the chapter officer(s) will make sure all beer is opened and dumped out, and not removed from the lodge by fraternity members/guests at the end of the event. All non-fraternity members must vacate the lodges and be off the property by the end time of the scheduled event. This will take place during the ½ hour period immediately following the event.

The chapter officer(s) will ensure that only unopened 12 oz. canned beer is being checked in at the fraternity houses and that no beer is being consumed prior to the start of the event. (No glass containers, kegs, beer balls, wine, hard liquor etc.) Beer and soda/water may be consumed in the primary container or clear cups only.

Each person 21 years old and older may bring no more than a 12 pack of 12 oz cans of beer to the lodge event to be checked in. Multiple trips to bring in beer from vehicles or nearby residences are not allowed.

Individuals under the age of 21 may not consume, possess or check in beer.

The University Police will only allow assigned designated drivers to park on Fraternity Row for events. Each lodge will be allowed three (3) designated driver passes. All others will be ticketed.

A separate sign-in list (printed legibly) identifying those who are 21+ who want to check in beer is required. The beer check-in list should include name, time of check in and amount. No alcohol will be permitted to be checked in the last half hour of the scheduled serve time of the event.

The Police Officers will collect guest lists from the individual fraternities prior to leaving Fraternity Row and will turn them into Student Activities by Monday morning. 

FIPG, Inc. Risk Management Policy (revised July 2006)

The Risk Management Policy of the Fraternity Insurance Purchasing Group includes the provisions which follow and shall apply to all fraternity entities and all levels of fraternity membership.

Alcohol and Drugs

  • The possession, sale, use or consumption of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, while on chapter premises, or during a fraternity event, in any situation sponsored or endorsed by the chapter, or at any event an observer would associate with the fraternity, must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws of the state, province, county, city and institution of higher education, and must comply with either the BYOB or third party vendor guidelines.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be purchased through or with chapter funds nor may the purchase of same for members or guests be undertaken or coordinated by any member in the name of, or on behalf of, the chapter. The purchase or use of a bulk quantity or common source(s) of alcoholic beverages, for example, kegs or cases, is prohibited.
  • OPEN PARTIES, meaning those with unrestricted access by non-members of the fraternity, without specific invitation, where alcohol is present, are prohibited.
  • No members, collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any minor (i.e., those under legal “drinking age”).
  • The possession, sale or use of any ILLEGAL DRUGS or CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES while on chapter premises or during a fraternity event or at any event that an observer would associate with the fraternity is strictly prohibited.
  • No chapter may co-sponsor an event with an alcohol distributor, charitable organization or tavern (tavern defined as an establishment generating more than half of annual gross sales from alcohol) where alcohol is given away, sold or otherwise provided to those present. This includes any event held in, at or on the property of a tavern as defined above for the purposes of fundraising. A chapter may rent or use a room or area in a tavern as defined above for an event held within the provisions of this policy, including the use of a third party vendor and guest list.
  • No chapter may co-sponsor or co-finance or attend or participate in a function where alcohol is purchased by any of the host chapters, groups or organizations.
  • All recruitment or recruitment activities associated with any chapter will be nonalcoholic. No recruitment or recruitment activities associated with any chapter may be held at or in conjunction with an alcohol distributor or tavern as defined in this policy.
  • No member or pledge/associate/new member/novice, shall permit, tolerate, encourage, or participate in “drinking games.”
  • No alcohol shall be present at any pledge/associate/new member/novice program, activity or ritual of the chapter. This includes, but is not limited to activities associated with “bid night,” “big brother/big sister night” and initiation.


No chapter, colony or student or alumnus shall conduct nor condone hazing activities. Hazing activities are defined as: “Any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off fraternity premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Such activities may include but are not limited to the following: use of alcohol; paddling in any form; creation of excessive fatigue; physical and psychological shocks; quests, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, road trips or any other such activities carried on outside or inside the confines of the chapter house; wearing of public apparel which is conspicuous and not normally in good taste; engaging in public stunts and buffoonery; morally degrading or humiliating games and activities; and any other activities which are not consistent with academic achievement, fraternal law, ritual or policy or the regulations and policies of the educational institution, or applicable state law.”

Sexual Abuse and Harassment

The fraternity will not tolerate or condone any form of sexist or sexually abusive behavior on the part of its members, whether physical, mental or emotional. This is to include any actions which are demeaning to women or men, such as verbal harassment. The fraternity will not tolerate sexual assault in any form.

Fire, Health, and Safety

  • All chapter houses should meet all local fire and health codes and standards.
  • All chapters should have posted by common phones and in other locations emergency numbers for fire, police and ambulance and should have posted evacuation routes on the back of the door of each sleeping room.
  • All chapters should comply with engineering recommendations as reported by the insurance company or municipal authorities.
  • The possession and/or use of firearms or explosive devices of any kind within the confines and premises of the chapter house are expressly forbidden.


Each fraternity shall annually instruct its students and alumni/alumnae in the Risk Management Policy of FIPG, Inc. Additionally, all student and alumni members shall annually be sent a copy of said risk management policy. A copy of the policy will also be available on the fraternity’s Web site.