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Faculty Group Trips

Faculty can take use this fund for students who are participating in a co-curricular, faculty-sponsored group trip to attend events of musical, theatrical, dance, or artistic interest in Richmond or the vicinity, including Washington, D.C. and other major nearby cities such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York.

The fund will reimburse:

(a) the average cost of a ticket to the event and

(b) the pro-rated cost for the eligible individual's public ground transportation (i.e. chartered/commercial bus or train) from the University to and from the event.

These events must be approved by all of the following:

  1. The faculty leader(s) of the trip;
  2. The chair(s) of the Music, Theatre and Dance or Art and Art History departments, whichever is sponsoring the trip;
  3. The Center for Student Involvement or other such office as deemed appropriate.

Staff Contact

Vittoria Tripp
Office Operations and Budget Coordinator