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Attending a Conference

Prior to attending a conference or participating in organizational travel, you will need to set up a meeting with Vittoria Tripp, Budget & Operations Coordinator (link her timetrade) to discuss the arrangements and budget for your trip. 

Things to consider while traveling:


SOBAC will pay for 80 percent of your travel costs, and the other 20 percent must be generated by unrestricted funds currently in your account, outside funding, or a fee charged to members who are participating in the trip.


The registration for your conference is likely the first thing that will need to be purchased. Please request a registration invoice and set up a meeting with Vittoria to make payment.


Approved university travel methods: airlines, Amtrak, charter bus, university vehicle, or taxi. Please note: Megabus and Greyhound are NOT approved.

  • Airport parking
  • Getting to and from airport/train station
  • Be sure to keep receipts for parking and/or approved transportation if you intend to be reimbursed for these costs. 

Hotels can be reserved on the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) credit card in advance of your conference. Please note that the credit card only HOLDS the hotel rooms and will not be charged. In order to use the credit card for any lodging costs, you will need to obtain a Credit Card Authorization Form from the hotel, and make an appointment with Vittoria to fill it out.


SOBAC will not pay for meals during organizational travel, you will need to make a plan with your members regarding how to want to handle meals while you are traveling.


Schedule time with Vittoria Tripp, Budget and Operations Coordinator, to learn more about the requirements and options.