Organization Transition

Communicating with stakeholders, (prospective members, other student organizations, faculty and staff, community members), is critical to the success of all student organizations. For this reason, all Student Organizations have to maintain an up-to-date portal in Presence, our organizational management system. This process is called Transition.

What is transition?

The process of updating your organization portal that happens once per year based on your election cycle. The process involves updating the following information in your portal:

  • Leadership Positions
  • Roster
  • Letter from the President
  • Organization Video
  • Contact Information

When does this occur?

Once a year in either December or May based on the organization's election cycle

How do I transition?

This process is managed by an organization administrator (as noted in the system). The portal admin will be contacted automatically via Presence. View the step by step instructions.

Additional Information

The transition process aligns with officer elections and so leaders in an organization will be required to complete virtual training modules, designed to set them up for success as they start their term in office. Learn more about trainings.