Tyler Haynes Commons Posting Policies

The following are policies and procedures for promoting events and services in Tyler Haynes Commons and The Forum. The Center for Student Involvement may change these regulations without notice.
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  • Digital Signage (D-flyers)

    In order to provide students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors with the latest way to stay up-to-date about programs, events and opportunities, screens run along the second floor walkway. Any University-affiliated group can submit announcements for display (some restrictions apply). Student Involvement controls the screens in Tyler Haynes Commons, but other campus locations also have screens for display of d-flyers and are operated separately.

    Format Requirements

    • A digital flyer (dflyer) must meet certain standards
    • Dflyers must fit the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio
    • Preferred dimensions are 1280x720 pixels
    • Dflyers must be submitted as .jpg, .png, .gif, or .pdf

    All dflyers should follow some simple guidelines:

    • Minimize your words! A dflyer shows for about six seconds. Keep fonts large and easy to read.
    • Use graphics large enough to not appear stretched or pixelated
    • You may submit multiple flyers which will play for a total of six seconds
    • You may submit up to 8 seconds of video. WMV formats works best. It should be a large format to fit the big screens
    • Powerpoint animation does not work on the displays
    Use of University Logos

    See the University’s logo policy, or request logos for use in dflyers.

    Submit a Dflyer

    Given the high volume of submissions, any given event may have one (1) dflyer which may run for up to seven (7) consecutive days. Do not resubmit the same or a different dflyer to promote the same event. Events with multiple sponsors may only have one dflyer.

    Dflyers must be submitted via email to dflyers@richmond.edu. You should allow three business days for approval. Include a preferred start and end date for your dflyer to run. A dflyer may be submitted no more than one month before it will run. Email questions to dflyers@richmond.edu.

    If the event is canceled, please cancel the dflyer by email, or if necessary, submit a new d-flyer advertising the cancellation.


    Channel and screen location of dflyers will be at the discretion of Student Involvement. Student Involvement reserves the right to edit the content of your dflyer and to refuse posting when appropriate.

    Digital signage space is limited. A group may have no more than two dflyers on any given day. Student Involvement may refuse to post a flyer or bump an already posted flyer if staff determine the channels to be full. Please be considerate in limiting the frequency and length of display times. Student Organization dflyers will be prioritized over other submissions. Services, greetings, product promotions, weekly meetings, and non-date-specific advertisements will not be prioritized for approval.

    These digital signage policies apply to Tyler Haynes Commons. Exceptions to any policy herein will be made at the discretion of Student Involvement staff.

  • Flyers & Posters

    There are several locations in Tyler Haynes Commons that are approved to post flyers and announcements. Any flyers posted outside of approved areas will be removed and recycled.

    • Use only thumb tacks or pushpins. Student Involvement has a supply of tacks for you to borrow. Do not use tape, staples, nails, or similar items
    • ONE posting per board per event
    • Sponsorship (by office or registered student organizations) is required to be printed on the flyer; flyers without sponsorship printed or if unrecognized student organizations post flyers, they will be removed

    Approved Areas:

    1st Floor Hallway: Community and long-term focused, announcements may be posted on both bulletin boards located in the 1st floor hallway. All postings will be removed on the 1st of each month. If you would like to save your flyer or re-post for a longer duration, you are responsible for removing the flyer prior to the last day of the month and re-posting after the 1st.

    2nd Floor Hallway: Student Organization focused, announcements may be posted on the bulletin boards  of the 2nd floor hallway. Postings will be removed after the event date. If there is no date listed, the flyer will be removed on the 1st of the month. If you would like to save your flyer or re-post for a longer duration, you are responsible for removing the flyer and re-posting.

    Restrooms: Each restroom contains a small bulletin board for posting. Flyers must be approved by the Center for Student Involvement prior to posting. Postings located outside of the bullentin board will be removed and recycled.

    Unapproved Areas:

    Patios, walls, windows, brick columns, metal columns on the patios, and doors.

  • Banners

    There are approved banner locations available for departments or registered student organizations in Tyler Haynes Commons. Please contact involved@richmond.edu if you are interested in displaying a banner. 

  • Sidewalk Chalk

    The ground-level brick surface of The Forum is a public chalking area. Use only sidewalk chalk which will wash away with rain and will not stain. Do not chalk vertical surfaces, the Commons patios, or any area obscured from rainfall. Any group chalking in a prohibited area will be required to remove the chalk immediately.