Student Organization Finances

The Center for Student Involvement assists all SOBAC-funded student organizations with maintaining their budgets. Please use the resources you find on this page as a guide to handling your org finances. If you are not SOBAC-funded but need help with your organization finances, please contact

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  • Spending Money

    In order to spend funds, organizations are required to submit an Expenditure Request through Presence. Only presidents and treasurers have access to Finance in Presence. 

    Organizations can spend money in the following ways:

    1. Check Request: used to pay for organization-related expenditures (event decorations, food for program/speaker events, DJs, speaker honoraria, equipment rental, etc.).
    2. Campus Charge: used to pay for charges made on campus (e.g. Print Shop, etc.) directly from your account index. (Note: Do not purchase items on campus that will require reimbursement!)
    3. Organization Credit Card: to pay for organization-related expenditures (program-related materials, such as event decorations, food, equipment rental, prizes, or gift cards).
    4. Organization Travel: registration fees and materials, transportation, lodging, tolls, parking, taxi, and shuttles.
  • Depositing Money

    Depositing money for dues, fundraising, or donations can be done with cash or check through the Cashier’s Office. To make a deposit, come to CSI Finance Office Hours.

  • Receipts and Reconciliations

    Any time you make a purchase on the Student Involvement Purchasing Card, or you an itemized receipt must be submitted through the Reconciliation process on Presence.

    If you fail to submit a Reconciliation, your spending privileges will be suspended.

  • Travel

    Planning trips and travel can take several weeks or even months to plan depending on what kind of arrangements need to be made. Please allow at least 4 weeks of planning time for trips from 1-3 days in length, for longer trips, allow at least 8 weeks.

    In anticipation of your trip, please fill out the travel form.

    Travel Events are organization-sponsored events or activities that take place off campus and require travel. In order to qualify for funding, travel must meet the following criteria:

    1. Must benefit or promote the University of Richmond, and/or benefit the students of the University.
    2. Must occur between August 1st and the last day of Spring classes.
    3. SOBAC Organizations must generate ≥ 40% of off-campus travel and conference costs (lodging, registration, transportation). Food expenses incurred during organizational travel are not eligible for SOBAC funding.
  • Transportation

    Fundable transportation methods include: Airfare, Amtrak or other University-approved train, University-approved Charter Bus or Van (including Greyhound/Megabus), University Van, Zipcar, Ride Sharing (Uber, Lyft). If an organization would like to request a method not listed above, contact CSI prior to purchase. 

    • SOBAC funding covers any fees incurred in the attainment of University’s Driver’s Safety Program Registration(s).
    • For insurance reasons, personal vehicles are NOT permitted.
    • Organizations should plan to check out a CSI purchasing card for gas purchases.


For help with finance questions, email

For office hours: click here