RSO Awards

The Center for Student Involvement holds an annual awards ceremony each April to celebrate the achievements and successes of our 170+ student organizations. These awards recognize and acknowledge various leadership areas from event planning, community service, organizational excellence, and more. 

Nominations for the RSO awards are open from March 1 - April 1 each year. Organizations are encouraged to apply for awards as well as nominate their fellow outstanding registered student organizations across campus. We also invite nominations from various faculty, staff, and departments at the university. The award categories and descriptions can be found below. Please contact with any questions. 

Apply or nominate an organization here.

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  • Outstanding Community Service RSO Award

    The Outstanding Community Service Award recognizes an organization’s commitment in making exceptional contributions to the community at large. This organization engages in authentic community partnerships to benefit a specific need, and develops meaningful, sustainable relationships with one or more community partners. By fostering a sense of social responsibility, this organization plays a vital role in creating a campus environment that values and celebrates community service as an integral part of the student experience. 

  • Quigg Award

    This award is presented to an organization who shows an outstanding commitment to philanthropic work each year. This specific award comes with a $2,500 financial benefit towards the winning organization. More information can be found at the site here, and the requirements listed below: 

    To be eligible for this award, the registered student organization must be:

    • A registered student organization in good standing with the University of Richmond; the organization does not have to be SOBAC funded
    • Demonstrated noteworthy or exemplary philanthropic work on behalf of the organization or community partner during the current academic year

    To apply, organizations must submit a completed application that includes:

    • A typed statement (no more than 500 words) addressing their philanthropic work and its impact
    • A letter of acknowledgment from the philanthropic organization, community partner, or beneficiary 
  • Outstanding Fraternity or Sorority Award  
    The Outstanding Fraternity or Sorority Award goes to the chapter that truly exhibited what it means to be a member of the Greek community. This chapter has demonstrated that it goes above and beyond the expected duties and works together to substantially improve the quality of their chapter, recognizing excellence in all of the following areas: Academic Excellence, Member Education, Leadership Development, Chapter Management, and Inter-Fraternal Relations. In addition, this chapter has positively contributed to both fraternity and sorority life as well as the UR community. 
  • President’s Honor
    The FSL President’s Honor celebrates an exemplary leader within the Greek community who has demonstrated exceptional dedication, vision, and impact in guiding and advancing the mission of their respective fraternity or sorority. The recipient serves as a role model for other Greek leaders, embodying the spirit of brotherhood or sisterhood, and making significant contributions to the Greek community and the broader university environment. Receiving this award is a reflection of the president’s exceptional leadership skills and their profound impact on the fraternity or sorority. It serves as both recognition of past achievements and encouragement for continued excellence in leadership, setting a high standard for future presidents within the Greek community. The award also underscores the importance of fostering a positive and inclusive Greek experience on campus. 
  • Most Impactful Event Award

    The Most Impactful Event Award celebrates creative and purposeful event planning, recognizing those who have successfully organized an initiative that left a lasting impression and contributed meaningfully to the goals and mission of their organization. The winning event is one that not only draws attention but also creates a tangible and enduring impact on participants, the campus, or the broader community. It could be an event that raised awareness about a pressing social issue, fostered inclusivity and diversity, or catalyzed positive change in a specific area. This award is a testament to the organization’s dedication, innovation, and ability to mobilize resources effectively. The winning event also serves as an inspiration for future initiatives and sets a benchmark for excellence, encouraging continuous improvement in campus event planning endeavors. 

  • Educational Program of the Year
    The Educational Program of the Year Award recognizes innovation, creativity, and the positive impact of an educational initiative that has significantly contributed to the intellectual growth and development of the community. The winning educational program is one that stands out for its effectiveness, relevance, and ability to engage participants in a meaningful and transformative learning experience. It may encompass a diverse range of activities such as workshops, seminars, guest lectures, panel discussions, or hands-on learning opportunities. The program should not only demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence, but also showcase a forward-thinking approach to education that inspires and empowers participants. The winning program should also align with the organization’s mission and goals, contributing to the overall educational enrichment of the student body. 


  • Outstanding RSO President Award

    The Outstanding RSO President Award honors an exemplary student leader who has demonstrated exceptional dedication and impact in guiding and advancing the mission of their respective student organization. This accolade is designed to acknowledge the outstanding qualities and achievements of a student organization president who has gone above and beyond in fostering a positive and thriving environment within the group. This award considers various criteria such as effective communication, strategic planning, innovative initiatives, successful event execution, and the ability to inspire and motivate fellow members. The recipient of this award stands out for their ability to lead by example, cultivate a sense of unity within the organization, and positively influence the group’s overall success and reputation. 

  • RSO Advisor of the Year Award
    The RSO Advisor of the Year Award recognizes an exceptional advisor who has demonstrated unwavering commitment, guidance, and support. This award acknowledges the advisor’s significant impact on the personal and professional development of the student members, as well as their contributions to the overall success and growth of the organization. This advisor demonstrates outstanding leadership, mentorship, and a genuine passion for helping students thrive in their academic and extracurricular pursuits. They go above and beyond their role, offering valuable insights, fostering a positive and inclusive environment, and empowering students to achieve their goals. Successful nominees often demonstrate a keen understanding of the organization’s mission and actively contribute to its success by providing guidance, facilitating collaboration, and offering expertise.  
  • New RSO Excellence Award
    The New Organization Excellence Award is intended to honor outstanding achievements and contributions made by a recently established student organization. This accolade aims to celebrate the innovative spirit, dedication, and impact demonstrated by newly-formed groups in creating a positive and enriching campus environment. This award highlights the exceptional efforts of student organizations that have not only successfully navigated their initial stages, but have also demonstrated a commitment to excellence in various aspects, such as leadership, community engagement, event planning, and overall organizational development. It serves as a platform to acknowledge the enthusiasm, creativity, and effectiveness displayed by these groups as they contribute to the vibrant tapestry of student life. 
  • Social Change Award

    The Social Change Award recognizes the remarkable efforts of a student organization dedicated to fostering positive societal transformation. This award honors a group that has demonstrated exceptional commitment, innovation, and impact in their initiatives aimed at creating meaningful and sustainable social change. This RSO will have dedicated themselves to building a better Richmond community through education, access, and a focus on making our university more inclusive by creating an environment where all individuals feel respected and valued.  The recipient of this award stands out for their ability to harness collective passion and mobilize resources to address pressing social challenges. 

  • RSO Of the Year Award
    The RSO of the Year Award recognizes and celebrates the outstanding achievements and contributions of one student organization each year. This award acknowledges the organization’s dedication to fostering a positive and impactful campus community, as well as its commitment to excellence in various aspects, such as leadership, innovation, and service. This organization should demonstrate exceptional teamwork, effective communication, and a passion for creating positive change. They may have successfully organized and executed events, initiatives, or projects that have significantly enriched the student experience, promoted diversity and inclusion, or positively impacted the broader community.