Student Organization Resources

The Center for Student Involvement provides all Registered Student Organizations a variety of resources directly through the office with the hope to provide support for the activities and goals of our student groups on campus.

Mail for Student Organizations

All registered Student Organizations may use the Center for Student Involvement to receive packages. The Front Desk Assistants receive packages and communicate with the student organization to coordinate pick-up time.

In order to have a package sent to the office, you must first meet with the Student Org Budget & Finance Manager to properly order your items with your Org Budget.


All registered student orgs are granted mailboxes located in Tyler Haynes Commons RM 340 with the exception of Sport Clubs and Religious/Spiritual Groups. Sport Club mailboxes are in the Sports Club Center in Recreation & Wellness. Mailboxes for Religious/Spiritual Groups are located in the Wilton Center.


All student organization lockers are located in the THC 340


Recognized student organizations are eligible for a locker with the following exceptions:

  • Organizations on Probationary Status
  • Organizations with Chapter or dedicated spaces

Assignment & Application

  • Lockers are assigned for one academic year (Fall and Spring semester)
  • Organizations may only be assigned ONE locker space
  • Organizations may keep their locker space as long as they maintain status as a recognized student organization
    • Orgs MUST renew each academic year to keep their locker
  • Student organizations will apply for lockers through Presence
  • If space is available organizations will be provided with a locker
  • If space is not available, organizations will go on a waitlist


  • CSI staff and URPD have the right to inspect any locker to ensure proper usage along with safety audits
  • If an organization loses status or forfeits their locker, items must be claimed within 5 days or they will be discarded
  • In the event that an organization is not using a locker but has reserved one, CSI reserves the right to reassign the locker
  • Lockers must be kept clean and organized
  • In the event that a locker is damaged (or requires excessive cleaning) the responsible party will be referred to the office of Student Conduct and Integrity and will be prohibited from reserving a locker in the future

Prohibited Items

  • Perishable food
  • Oil or other flammable/explosive liquids
  • Matches or fire-starting devices
  • Alcohol/Drugs (including tobacco products, e-cigs, and vapes)
  • Weapons
  • Plants

Programming/Event Resources for Student Organizations

Whether your student group is looking to rent AV equipment to play music at an upcoming event or wanting to accurately track your event attendance, CSI has the tools and processes in place to support your organization's programming. Contact us at and let us know how we can help!