Tabling within Tyler Haynes Commons

Student organizations and departments may reserve a table in the Tyler Haynes Commons (THC) second floor hallway or outdoor patios up to three days per week, per group event. Off-campus individuals and entities must be sponsored (and accompanied) by a registered student organization or department in order to reserve a table.

Terms for Reserving Tabling Space

  1. All requests to reserve tabling space must be made at least two business days in advance and submitted via the Events Office website. A tabling request does not guarantee a tabling space. You must receive a confirmation from the Center for Student Involvement. Note: Only tables provided by the Center for Student Involvement may be used.
  2. While sharing information with students is permitted, students must approach the information table on their own.
  3. The requesting party agrees to accept all liability for any damage done to University property resulting from the activity. Programs and activities must adhere to all state and federal laws as well as all University policies and regulations, including strict avoidance of excessive noise.
  4. The use of electronic amplification (speakers) is discouraged; it may not be used without prior approval from the Center for Student Involvement. Staff from Student Involvement will only provide one warning for any AV that is too loud. Any table that requires more than one warning for AV noise will be shut down immediately
  5. Organizations tabling are required to set-up and dismantle their table, including any accompanying displays, at the start and end of their scheduled reservations.
    1. All materials must be taken with the organization; storage for tabling materials is not provided by the Center for Student Involvement.
    2. Tables and displays left unattended for any period longer than 30 minutes are subject to being discarded by Student Involvement staff.
    3. Failure to disassemble your table may result in the suspension of tabling privileges for your group.
  6. It is the organization's responsibility to provide all other tabling needs — the Center for Student Involvement only provides the table.
  7. Any organization that wishes to distribute food must fill out a Food Waiver Request in order to be approved for tabling. A food waiver must be approved prior to tabling and must be displayed while tabling.

Tables can be reserved for the following areas

Tyler Haynes Commons Hallway – 2nd Floor
Eight hallway tables

Westhampton and Richmond College Patios
One table per patio
Weather permitting – there is no guaranteed alternative location

Hanging Lounge
Primarily designed for student organizations and departments for promotions needing extra space and/or including the video wall.