Start an Organization

While the University is home to over 175 student organizations, it is possible that we don't have something that satisfies your interests. If this is the case, consider applying to start your own organization.

Steps to Creating a New Student Organization

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  • Starting the Process

    Before starting a new organization, it is important that you understand the current landscape. Search the student organization directory to explore what organizations exist as well as the ones that you would be interested in collaborating with.

  • Secure Supporters

    In order to start the process, you should share the idea with other members of the campus community. You will need the support of ten (10) students on campus in order to complete your application.

  • Submit the Application

    The provisional application for student organization recognition formally starts the process.

  • Schedule a Consultation

    During the meeting, the Assistant Director for Student Organizations will review your application with you and discuss the remaining steps in the process. You will also have the opportunity to understand the role of organizational bylaws.

  • Present to the Student Development Committee

    A committee of faculty, staff, and students listens to presentations from groups seeking recognition. Following the presentation, the committee will ask questions and then make a formal recognition to the Faculty. The Faculty Senate will make a decision based on the committee’s recommendation.

  • Follow-up Consultation

    Pending approval from the faculty, you will schedule a meeting to discuss final steps in the recognition process including holding elections, submitting your org registration, and accessing organizational resources including funding and administrative tools (e.g. email).