Start an Organization

While the University is home to over 175 student organizations, it is possible that we don't have something that satisfies your interests. If this is the case, consider applying to start your own organization.

Steps to Creating a New Student Organization

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  • Starting the Process

    Before starting a new organization, it is important that you understand the current landscape. Search the student organization directory to explore what organizations exist as well as the ones that you would be interested in collaborating with.

  • Secure Supporters

    In order to start the process, you should share the idea with other members of the campus community. You will need the support of ten (10) students on campus in order to complete your application.

  • Submit the Application

    The provisional application for student organization recognition formally starts the process.

  • Schedule a Consultation

    During the meeting, the Assistant Director for Student Organizations will review your application with you and discuss the remaining steps in the process. You will also have the opportunity to understand the role of organizational bylaws.

    The advisor to the organization must attend the consultation meeting in order to move forward. 

  • Be Approved to Operate Under Provisional Status for Two Semesters

    Conditions of Provisional Student Organizations: 

    • The provisional status will be in effect for two semesters 
    • The organization must maintain 10 members and a full-time faculty staff advisor 
    • All student organization conduct policies must be followed 
    • All CSI and Events policies and procedures must be followed 
    • The organization must execute at least one event per semester that is open to the entire campus 
    • Officers must attend all required trainings 
    • The president will meet with the Assistant Director for Student Organizations two times per semester 
    • Any additional trainings related to the mission and direction of the organization must be completed as required
    • An initial budget of up to $500 will be allocated to the organization if funding is needed 
    • The organization will have the same rights and responsibilities as fully recognized student organizations 
  • Report On the Organization’s Provisional Period

    At the conclusion of the provisional status, the organization must demonstrate that they have consistently met the conditions listed above as well as demonstrated responsible financial stewardship, and not incurred any organizational conduct charges. Additionally, the organization must provide a report of accomplishments/highlights from the provisional status period

  • Approval for Official RSO Status

    The Center for Student Involvement will review all materials and determine if the organization should be recommended for formal recognition by the Student Development Committee. 

    *Organizations that are not recommended for formal recognition will not be eligible to apply for new organization status for a period of two semesters*