The CSI Student Staff Team

The Center for Student Involvement is proud to provide a variety of employment opportunities to our student community. There are several different student positions available within our office. Should you be interested in joining the CSI Student Employee Team, email

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  • Student Desk Assistant

    Assist with the daily operation of the Tyler Haynes Commons Information Desk and assist with the operations of the Center for Student Involvement.


    Assist individuals seeking help or questions regarding the University (e.g. event schedules, student organization matters, directions, etc.).

    Desk assistants should:

    1. Be knowledgeable of daily events happening in the Commons.
    2. Be familiar with the physical layout of the building (e.g. administrative offices, meeting rooms, services)
    3. Be courteous to all persons when answering questions about campus activities and services
    4. Have a working knowledge of all CSI checkout systems (e.g. gaming, vehicles)
    5. Receive incoming telephone calls (answer questions, transfer calls, relay messages) courteously and accurately and retrieve voicemail messages, as appropriate.
    6. Responsible for sorting incoming mail into administrative and organizational mailboxes
    7. Responsible for reading and completing shift checklist during each shift
    8. Responsible for keeping the information counter, hallway, and Hanging Lounge clean, neat, and organized
    9. Responsible for completing administrative tasks (e.g. sorting, copying, filing, organization) when requested from professional staff
    10. Provide basic AV set-up assistance and troubleshooting, as needed
  • AV Technician

    Supports the operations of campus programs and events in the Tyler Haynes Commons, Student Activities Complex, and the Forum by providing audio-visual services to clients. In addition, the Student AV Technician is responsible for assisting with and troubleshooting gaming device issues in the Current.


    1. Responsible for setting up audio-visual equipment and technical support for events and meetings in the Tyler Haynes Commons, Student Activities Complex, and the Forum
    2. Operate sound equipment to support a wide variety of live events.
    3. Provide training for clients on how to operate audiovisual equipment
    4. Assist with the maintenance and inventory of portable and installed audio-visual equipment
  • Marketing Assistant

    The Student Marketing Assistant is responsible for stewarding all promotional avenues for the Center for Student Involvement and recognized student organizations. The Student Marketing Assistant facilitates the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan that prioritizes Center for Student Involvement resources and campus events regularly.


    1. Responsible for assisting with the creation of a marketing framework to promote campus involvement and the Center for Student Involvement brand
    2. Generate content and promotional ideas to increase awareness and participation in departmental activities and programs through social media, promotional events and other marketing tools.
    3. Design print materials, promotional activities, photography, as well as internal and external communication templates.
  • Budget and Finance Coordinator

    Provide oversight for the Budget Specialist team in CSI and oversee financial and budgetary processes. Provide support to the Student Organization and Budget Coordinator and to SOBAC-funded student organizations, as well as manage various aspects of Presence and Chrome River regarding payment processing, DuPont fund, and purchasing card program elements. Oversee Budget Specialist scheduling and office hours within CSI. Complete specialized projects as directed by the Student Organization and Budget Coordinator.


    1. Processing credit card payments, check requests, budget transfers, and reimbursements-Responsible for weekly allocation of p-card purchases, managing and uploading receipts, and creation of monthly expense reports
    2. Managing payment requests in Presence
    3. Managing duPont Fund student requests in Presence
    4. Maintaining an organized work-flow and filing system for all paperwork and documentation
  • Student Managers

    The Student Manager team is to assist with the daily management of Tyler Haynes Commons operations through the support and management of Student Organization processes and resources, Student Desk Assistance Supervision and Training, as well as daily operation of the Center for Student Involvement and the Tyler Haynes Commons.


    1. Currently enrolled University of Richmond student
    2. Previous experience as a member of the CSI Student Staff
    3. Demonstrated leadership skills and ability to work independently
    4. Strong communication and administrative skills
    5. Ability to multi-task and work independently
    6. Ability to lead, motivate, and delegate team members
    7. Facilitate trainings for the CSI Student Staff Teams
    8. Develop Schedules for the CSI Desk Assistants in coordination with and approval of the Supervisor