The Center for Student Involvement has four 12-passenger vans and three 8-passenger sport utility vehicles (one with an extended cab), available for University departments and registered student organizations to rent.


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  • Reserving a Vehicle

    Vehicles are reserved through the Events Management System (EMS). Once you log in use the CSI Vehicle Request template to make your request.

    Reservations must be submitted no less than 5 days in advance.

    The vehicles have reserved parking located in lot W41 off UR Drive. This is where you will depart after check-out and where you will return the van at the end of your reservation.

    You may find an unauthorized vehicle in the reserved parking spaces when you return. Should this happen, please attempt parking elsewhere in the Steam Plant/Commons Lot W41. If no parking can be found, park the vehicle elsewhere and notify the Center for Student Involvement immediately. Please do not "create" a parking spot for the vehicle.

  • Driver & Safety Information

    All drivers must be approved by Safety and Risk Management in order to operate university vehicles. If you are interested in becoming an approved driver, please see the Fleet Safety Program Driver Requirements.

    Virginia State Law requires the use of safety belts at all times when the vehicles are in use. 

    Insurance, registration, and accident reporting information are located in each vehicle.

  • Cost & Rates

    Vehicles are billed as either a half-day or full-day rental and are inclusive of insurance and fuel. 

    Half-day rental for any vehicle that is reserved for 4 hours or less is $25, up to 50 miles. If the vehicle is used more than 50 miles, you may be subject to an additional charge of $0.25 per mile.

    Full-day rental for any vehicle that lasts more than 4 hours is $50, up to 100 miles. If the vehicle is driven more than 100 miles, there is an additional charge of $0.25 per mile.

    You do not need to record the mileage or submit mileage for your trip.

    There will be a service fee of $250 charged to your index if a vehicle key fob is lost or not returned. 

  • Passenger Roster

    The complete list of vehicle passengers must be emailed to prior to your trip. If a passenger roster is not submitted prior to key pickup, your reservation will be canceled. 

  • Cancellation Policy

    The vehicle fleet is heavily in demand during the semester. If you learn that you will no longer need to use a vehicle it is your responsibility to cancel the reservation through EMS. Any reservation not canceled within 48 hours of the rental start time will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

  • Fuel

    We attempt to keep fuel tanks filled at all times for the vehicles, but given their frequent use (or the length you are driving) you may find yourself with a low tank on occasion. If necessary, please refuel with regular unleaded gasoline using a University credit card. In Chrome River you should bill index Y10003 and upload the necessary receipt. 

  • Cleanliness

    We appreciate every effort you can make to keep our vehicles clean. Please explain this to your passengers. Before returning a vehicle, please clean all spills and remove all trash.

    Smoking or pets are not permitted in the vehicles.

  • EZ-Pass
    All the vehicles are equipped with an EZ-Pass transponder. All local tolls are covered in the cost of the vehicle rental. Excessive toll usage and tolls for long trips are subject to an additional charge of the toll amount used.
  • Keys
    You can pick up vehicle keys from the Center for Student Involvement during normal business hours. Hours of operation are subject to vary during all federal and university observed holidays. Keys must be returned within 12 hours of dropping the vehicle off. Keys can be returned to the information desk at the Center for Student Involvement, or at the drop box located to the left of the door which leads into the CSI office suite. Keys that are not returned in a timely manner are subject to an additional $25 fee.