SOBAC Process

SOBAC, or the Student Organization Budget and Appropriations Committee, is a joint initiative between the Richmond College Student Government Association (RCSGA) and the Westhampton College Government Association (WCGA) that annually allocates funding to registered students organizations in order to maximize the quality of student life.

The SOBAC process occurs annually in the Spring semester. Organizations looking to request money outside of the annual process should apply through the SOBAC Contingency Process. The SOBAC co-chairs will be holding office hours before applications are due to help organizations work through application process after the information sessions and answer any questions.

SOBAC funding is considered only for recognized student organizations that are open to all students with no requirements for membership.

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  • Information Sessions

    Information sessions will be held at the end of February. Dates will be added once confirmed. All organizations are required to attend one of these information sessions in order to be eligible to apply for SOBAC funds for the academic year. During the information session, the SOBAC co-chairs will go over the application process and will answer any questions.

  • Submission Deadline

    All applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM on the Friday before spring break. No applications will be considered past this deadline.

  • Hearings

    Hearings will be held mid-March.

    During this time, clubs will present their proposed budget for the academic year to the SOBAC committee in a brief presentation followed by questions from the committee. A sign-up sheet for the hearings will be sent out during spring break.

  • SOBAC Budgets Approved

    Budgets will be approved at the joint RCSGA and WCGA meeting following SOBAC hearings. Once the budgets are approved, organizations will be notified of their budget for the academic year.

  • Budgets Allocated

    Budgets for the academic year will be accessible starting in August.