IFC Recruitment

Memberships are for a lifetime and so we believe that all prospective members should be informed consumers of the process. There are two ways that students may join an Interfraternity Council (IFC) organization—formally or informally (first-year students may only participate in the formal recruitment process). 

All recruitment (formal and informal) events and new member periods are alcohol and other substance freeHazing is prohibited and all PNMs are required to attend educational sessions about hazing prevention and alcohol misuse.

Formal Recruitment

Annually every January, students may participate in the formal recruitment process to join an IFC fraternity. Students must register in order to particpate in formal recruitment. The recruitment process consists of both open and closed events. 

  • Open events are open for anyone going through the recruitment process to meet the chapters and learn more about their brotherhood. Students do not need an invitation to attend the open events. Potential new members (PNMs) are highly encouraged to attend open night events to meet all chapters.
  • Closed events occur after open events and are events hosted by chapters to get to know PNMs better; closed events are by invitation only

Bids are extended by chapters to new members. Each IFC fraternity has a new member program that occurs prior to initiation—the time varies between four days and five weeks. The University of Richmond requires that new member periods cannot last longer than five weeks.

Informal Recruitment

Informal recruitment, also called continuous open bidding (COB) can occur during the fall semester or spring semester (after formal recruitment). First-year students may not participate in informal recruitment in the fall semester.

COB is a very informal process that fraternities use to take in new members. When a fraternity holds COB, they simply contact a PNM on their own and hold a series of informal events to get to know them better. Each chapter does it differently. Some might go to dinner with a potential member. Some chapters might hold a ‘board game night’ and invite potential members to attend.